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Kita - Childcare
  The childcare Tiny Toes is a private bilingual d/e institution. The childcare management is responsible for the organization and management of the nursery operations, the management of the company and the care of the staff. In the childcare Tiny Toes, children from 3 months up to school age are looked after in a warm and affectionate environment. We have a young children's group for children up to 2 years of age and a mixed age group from 2 years old to school entrance. Our meals are prepared and delivered from a specialized catering service. We value freshly prepared, balanced and healthy meals. Our main focus is the well-being of each child. It is of great importance for us to respect the personality of each child and to foster the individual development of age. In our institution, the children are strengthened and promoted in their development and all three competences (self-competence, social-competence and learned-competence). Small children are actively involved with their environment and actively shape their development. It is important to observe and accompany the children intensively during this time. The childcare provides a great deal of freedom to exercise and test self-determined, self-responsible and self-sufficient behavior. The children learn to take responsibility for their actions and are encouraged to respect others. ABOUT US

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